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 Cesar Castillo, LLC is a family-owned corporation, in its 4th generation, doing business in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean for over 80 years. The company was founded in 1942 by Cesar Castillo Pietri who had a vision of becoming the largest distributor for Health and Beauty Care in the island and the Caribbean

Today, that vision is a reality. CCLLC’s long-standing history is rich with milestones that have formed our company into what it is today: a lean operation dedicated to offering comprehensive, state-of-the-art distribution and logistics services to some of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical, medical devices and consumer goods companies with presence in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.



CCLLC’s sprawling operation comprises four (4) distribution centers and one (1) external warehouse that offer a combined 1,000,000 square feet of storage space with ambient and controlled temperature. Our distribution centers comply with both federal and local government requirements and are organized under the Food and Drug Administration’s “Good Manufacturing Practices” (cGMP).

To ensure service continuity, each distribution center is outfitted with back-up power generators and water storage facilities that allow us to run the operation uninterruptedly for a week in the event of a natural disaster. Furthermore, our Guaynabo distribution center incorporates a heliport facility for customers requiring, real-time, 24-hour emergency services.



Coupled with the most comprehensive distribution services available in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, CCLLC’s also offers 3PL, through a division founded in 1980 to provide our client companies a centralized location to receive, store, and deliver their goods. All CCLLC’s sales, distribution and logistics services run on the most advanced technology and world-class SAP platforms, as part of our ERP primary systems for a seamless integration. Our business credentials include Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and Foreign Trade-Zone (FTZ) Operator certifications, among others, which give us a competitive edge in the distribution and 3PL segments.


Facilfarmacia launched more than two decades ago, our proprietary online ordering platform provides clients with a robust and secure environment that facilitates ordering any of the products we currently distribute.

Clients get a password-protected account through which they can access detailed information on all available products including pricing, view past order history, check real time inventory, delivery dates and place orders at any time. Users can also see accounts payable, review invoices, conduct payments, and follow up on any outstanding orders. Information in the system is verified and updated daily. Orders placed across all categories can be received, in many instances, on the same day.

The facilfarmacia.com platform is available for all our customers in the Animal Health, RX, and HBW divisions. It is important to point out that facilfarmacia is not only a responsive website that can be accessed from any mobile device, but in this new release we include the mobile app version available for iOS and Android, we do everything possible to make your purchase experience truly satisfying and easy.